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Think all motor oils are the same? Before you drop by your local shop for some fresh lubricant, you might want to think twice when it comes to choosing between synthetic or regular. If you want your vehicle to run more smoothly and last for much longer, synthetic oil offers up a full cluster of advantages. Let’s take a closer look at why synthetic motor oil is better for your car.

1. Prevents oil degradation.

Today’s high-performance vehicles need an oil that can handle high temperatures. Hard working engines, especially those equipped with turbochargers, need the ultimate protection against extreme heat that can cause thermal breakdown in the oil. Synthetic oils contain superior additives designed to prevent oil degradation.

2. Provides enhanced lubrication.

For better lubrication, synthetics can’t be beat. Compared with regular oil, synthetic brands offer superior lubrication in all kinds of temperatures. It even outperforms during extreme cold weather starts. Plus, it is also highly resistant to viscosity breakdown and oxidation, ensuring your engine is running smoothly year-round.

3. Delivers a cleaner engine.

Synthetics are cleaner and meaner. They help protect against deposits and sludge. Over time, oil can breakdown, creating sludge buildup that can impact the oil’s protective qualities. Don’t trust your engine with just any oil. With the right oil composition, your engine will run cleaner and smoother.

4. Offers better viscosity.

A quality oil needs the right amount of viscosity. Without it, the oil won’t be able to properly lubricate the moving parts of your engine. Choosing a synthetic brand ensures you get the proper oil thickness, helping to increase performance and reduce wear and tear on your motor.

5. Gives long lasting results.

When it comes to an extended life, synthetic oil comes out on top. Compared with regular oil, synthetics don’t break down as fast, requiring fewer top-ups. And if you regularly drive long distances, synthetic oil has better staying power, keeping your engine lubricated longer.

The benefits of synthetic oil are almost as endless as the kilometres you can get out of a properly maintained engine. But all this innovative technology doesn’t come cheap. Synthetic oil does cost more than other conventional options. Are the advantages worth the higher price tag? Switching to synthetic oil might be pricier, but the higher return on investment more than makes up for the difference.

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