Right Time for An Oil Change

Do you remember the last time you checked the oil in your car? Topping your engine up with fresh oil is one of the easiest things you can do to keep your ride in tip-top shape. Still, many people put it on the backburner until they’re left with a costly, sludgy mess. Here is a handy guide to ensure your vehicle is always well lubricated with an oil change in Victoria and Duncan.

If you’re not sure when you should be getting regular oil changes, just stop by the Great Canadian Oil Change and we’ll be happy to help.

oil change in victoria or duncan. Is it time for an oil change? Find out here with Great Canadian Oil Change

How many kilometers?

You’ve probably heard about the oil change mileage “rule” from your folks, but the 5000 kilometers oil change guideline is still followed by many drivers on the road today. While there is certainly nothing wrong with using this standard practice, modern lubricants can up oil change intervals between 8000 to 12 000 kilometers).

Whether you change your engine’s lubricant every 5000 or 12 000 kilometers, don’t forget to bring your car in to an oil change expert in Victoria and Duncan at Great Canadian Oil Change.   

Check the manual

Not all vehicles are created equal. When it comes to oil changes, every car manufacturer is going to have different mileage recommendations.

Not sure when your model needs new motor oil? If you want to make absolutely sure when it is the best time to get regular oil changes, check the manual. You’ll not only find out when to change your oil, but also get suggestions on the best oil to use.

If you can’t find your car’s owner’s manual, you can always jump online to grab a digital copy.

Don’t wait too long for oil changes in Victoria or Duncan

If you’re having a hard time remembering when you brought your vehicle in for an oil change, you’d better not put it off for too much longer. Motor oil is the lifeblood of your ride, offering up a host of engine boosting benefits, including:

  • – Lubricates and cools moving engine components
  • – Stops dirt and contaminants from entering the engine
  • – Prevents corrosion buildup
  • – Improves engine performance
  • – Produces less harmful emissions
  • – Extends engine life

Putting off oil changes can also lead to costly repairs and even engine failure. With Great Canadian Oil Change, you can have it done in about 10 minutes!

It might be a minor inconvenience but getting an oil change on a regular basis just makes sense. Bottom line? Fresh motor oil will save your engine, your cash, and your time.

Regular oil changes can be messy, especially if you are doing them yourself. That is why many people bring their car into an oil change expert. For quick, easy, and cost-effective oil changes in Victoria and Duncan, drop by Great Canadian Oil Change today.

If you think you might need an oil change or you’re not sure, visit or call Great Canadian Oil Change today.