Car Engine Oil Check

Is your engine getting the TLC it deserves? A major part of responsible auto ownership is getting regular oil changes. If you decide to go the DIY root, you could be making some major mistakes that can cost you thousands of dollars in engine repair or replacement. To help you put the brakes on oil change blunders, here are five common errors you will want to keep an eye on.

#1. Using the wrong oil

Not all oil is created equal. When it comes time to get an oil change in Victoria, you will need to consider several factors, first. Do you know the type of oil your engine takes? How old is your engine? Are you using the right viscosity? If you are not sure about the proper grade of oil to put in your car, check your owner’s manual.

Whether you are looking for conventional, high mileage, or full synthetic oil, we have all the top brands to meet your engine’s specific needs.

#2. Over/under filling the oil

Using the right kind of oil is not enough; you need to know how much of it to add. If you don’t put in enough oil, low levels of lubricant won’t be able to properly lubricate internal engine parts, causing excess friction and possible engine damage.

Overfilling the oil, on the other hand, can create its own set of engine problems. Too much oil can produce foam that builds up in the engine, reducing the hydraulic pressure and causing the engine seals and gaskets to leak.  

#3. Forgetting to put the oil cap back on

Many people can relate to this one. You drive off after an oil change only to realize later you forgot to reinstall the oil cap. This common mistake can lead to a variety of problems, from lit check engine lights and oil-soaked engine compartments to oil cap and oil replacement.

#4. Not keeping track of mileage

No matter how high quality your lubricant might be, all oil needs to be changed eventually. Forgetting to keep track of when to get an oil change in Victoria can lead to dirt buildup and viscosity breakdown, causing wear and damage to your engine.

Don’t wait until it is too late! At Great Canadian Oil Change, we can top up your engine with some fresh, quality oil in as little as ten minutes.

#5. Not letting a pro do it

DIY oil changes might sound like a good idea—but they can come back and haunt you if you make a mistake. Why run the risk of putting your engine at risk when you don’t have to?

At Great Canadian Oil Change, we have the knowhow, experience, and warranty-approved engine oil to make sure your engine is running in peak performance.

For a fast, affordable, and quality oil change in Victoria, bring your vehicle into Great Canadian Oil Change today!