How much does an oil change cost

Oil changes can cost anywhere from just over $50 up to $100 or more.

The cost of oil changes will vary between different locations based on local staff costs, what the rent or the lease for the property may be, how expensive it is to get supplies, and can  even affected greatly by things like local property tax rates.

However, the biggest difference in oil change costs is based on the choice of regular versus synthetic oil. Regular oil is just refined crude oil, and it has been with us for decades keeping cars running smoothly. It is also the least expensive, and may be perfect if you are on a budget or are not concerned about car longevity or performance.

Oil Change car banner outside Great Canadian oil change Victoria and Duncan

With the develpment of high performance cars and engines that run faster and hotter, the quest for a purer, smoother motor oil began.

Engine Oil manufacturers started innovating by adding different lubricants, and additives, and striving for a more consistent molecule size. Over the years,they have created better and better synthetic oils that will last longer without breaking down, will better protect your car engine, and will allow some engines to perform better and get improved fuel economy.  Newer cars often recommend a specific synthetic oil for optimal performance.

So, while a synthetic oil change may cost more, It may save you money in the long run through lower maintenance costs or through better gas mileage. Every driver will have different goals and objectives, and can best decide whether spending more now suits them better.

Places where an oil change costs a little more will also have more experienced staff. At Great Canadian Oil Change in Langford and Duncan most of our staff have 5-10 years experience doing oil changes, and the expertise to get the job done right every time. In addition, their experience with many types of cars and problems means they very adept at inspecting your car for any other issues, and this is where it is also beneficial to pay more for the cost of an oil change.

Experienced technicians can tell you where attention and maintenance will be needed and make accurate recommendations on what needs to be addressed right away, and what you should keep an eye on in the future.

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