Customers Reviews


It has been a few weeks since we have been into your Langford location but I can’t stop thinking about how fantastic one of your workers is! Anthony, (I asked him his name because he always seems to be the fellow we get and has serviced each of our three vehicles on more than one occasion), always gives excellent suggestions on services he thinks our vehicle would benefit from but never pushes to the point where I feel uncomfortable… and I hate pushy salespeople, I often avoid places who do this… so we return again and again in hopes that he will be the one who works on our vehicles!! I hope you appreciate what a valuable worker you have in Anthony and trust that we will see him for many more oil changes.
Friendliest regards,
– Judi D

This place is great – no hassles, no rip-off’s just a good oil change and other services without the pressure. Plus they back ALL their products with a great warranty. We had our wipers replaced and one of them was having issues, so we took it back a few months later and it wasn’t an issue. Staff are super awesome and really seem to care about their jobs and making the whole oil change experience pleasant for all. I will continue going and ONLY go to Great Canadian Oil Change.
– Dave F

I was thrilled by the level and speed of service at Great Canadian Oil Change (Langford). The staff immediately ushered me into a service bay, and I was greeted in a friendly and courteous manner. The employee who helped me directly, Chris, went above and beyond, and should definitely be commended. Anyone looking to service their vehicle for oil and fluid maintenance should put Great Canadian at the top of their list. Thanks again guys!
– Nolan

This is to let you know that I received EXCELLENT service from a young man named John in Langford at the Great Canadian Oil Change last week. He was very informative and gave clear directions. He was kind and spoke to me like I understood cars! It was great to get treated that way! I was able to take home information for my Husband on future car needs because of how clear John was.
Thank you very much, John, for making my oil changing experience so pleasant!
– Cheryl Phillips

I went and had an oil change and antifreeze exchange from Great Canadian Oil Change the other day. Love it there. We have gotten all fluids on both vehicles done there. We just keep going back, I trust it there. It’s very important for me to trust a place that works on my car and I do with the shop!
The whole reason we started going there was because we purchased a Groupon, we had such a great experience and that is what keeps us going back.
– Ashley

Had an excellent experience a Great Canadian Oil Change. Brandon, Anthony, and Dennis were outstanding. Really, some of the best service I’ve ever had. Thanks guys will definitely see you again
– Scott

I just wanted to send a quick message to let you know about the exceptional service my girlfriend and I received tonight at your shop just before closing time. We’re not sure of their names but, the invoice says Chris & Dennis. We arrived at your store around 5:40pm with 2 vehicles that needed oil changes. Although, they were already working on a vehicle, they were very polite and happy to service our vehicles when they were done. We were very impressed their great attitudes and professional work ethics. Thanks for the great service, we’ll be back!
– Jeff

I am so thrilled with my service from Langford’s location yesterday that I have been won over as a loyal customer from that one experience!!! The dedication and commitment from the team there was phenomenal, especially from Dennis, who exemplified amazing leadership skills and exceptional, genuine customer service!!! Working for West Jet, we strive to create experiences to make a difference in someone’s life on a daily basis, and I saw that same character and genuine concern in Dennis and the team there. I felt like they took care of my car as they would their own. Thank you guys! I’ll definitely be seeing you soon! 🙂
– Shannon Wylie

I was extremely impressed with the technicians during my oil change. Friendly and courteous they identified the need for replacement of the fluid in my transfer case and transmission, in a concerned and very professional way. I felt right at home and as welcome as if I was a life long customer. I did have an oil change at your place about a year earlier. Whenever I return to Victoria I will be in for service. Your team is fantastic. A credit to you and your company!
– Bob, Sechelt BC

Hi, I was in there for the first time today and I was served by Brandon (I think that’s the name on his tag). I just wanted to let you know that I felt very confident that he was well versed and knowledgeable about every recommendation he gave when I was asking about different brands of oil and details of coolant changes. Most of all though I felt that he was engaged with his job and I got the feeling that he was genuinely interested in doing a good job and providing good value to the customer. I find this rare in most service-oriented companies, especially in their “front line” workers, so I wanted to acknowledge this and offer a word of thanks. I’ve worked many similar jobs myself so I like to make a point of acknowledging this level of service when I come across it. Sincerely,
– Mike Joa

Hey….ESPECIALLY JOSH WILSON You guys do great work~!!! Thank you so very much. My car runs like NEW now with changing the Power Steering Fluid. How long should that last??? (Editor 50,000 Km, Ann) Wow….I had no idea it would make this big a difference…..I’m so glad ….and thank you for checking it…..I’m indebted. I’ll be back….
– Ann Moxley1988 Mercury Topaz

Thank you, Anthony for a job well done today. I have had 2 oil changes since speedy brake and muffler changed my wiper blades. Anthony at your shop found it was installed upside down and barely holding on, how it did not fall off is a miracle really. So I bought a blade as well at your shop. I’ve been to Pennzoil and found your shop quite nice. I will be back. Thanks again.
– Jeff Piche

Hello, I recently went for my second visit at the Langford, Victoria location. The service I received was top notch. I spoke to a few guys that were working that day and every one of them were friendly, polite and honest about the work I needed to do on my car. It turned out I was there to get a oil change that I didn’t need, the guys let me know right away and checked all my fluids anyways so I didn’t waste a trip. Because of those guys, I will go to Great Canadian Oil Change any time I need an oil change in the future and recommend the company to my friends. Thanks again Boys!
– Angie Poulsen

I’ve been meaning to review these guys for a while and finally got around to it. I’m an IT guy, not a car guy, so I typically take my car into a place for service, even for an oil change. I have to say I love this place.

The employees are always friendly, there’s rarely a line up, no appointment necessary, they offer you a newspaper, a beverage, the give my dog treats when she’s with me (all free). They’re super fast, they show you everything (they show you what your oil looks like after, if they suggest a filter they show you the old and new and quickly explain why it needs replacing) and last time I went they had cameras which were focused on the work being done that you could actually watch on a monitor. They do a multi point inspection on the car and let you know anything else that needs to be done either immediately, soon or in a while and I’ve never once felt like they were pushing service on me. They’re super fast, you don’t even get out of your car, don’t get dirty and of course they dispose of the old fluids properly.

If you’re not into doing your own vehicle maintenance, I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend them, in fact I drive all the way from Esquimalt to there whenever I need fluids replaced. They also won “2009 Company of the year” as awarded by the WestShore Chamber of Commerce.
– Dustin D

Seriously these guys are great, I bought the Groupon for my oil change. No high pressure sales but solid, factual recommendations. I’m very pleased, Thank You
– Angela R

I felt compelled to drop you a quick note to express my gratitude to you and your employees. I had to get oil changes on two vehicles on Saturday, the first by Anthony and the second by Scott J. They were both excellent. To add to it the pit staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. Dennis and Scott G both worked on my cars. I will definitely be bringing my vehicles back in the future. Thank-you
– Sheldon L