Valvoline Synthetic Motor Oil car

Getting Your Money’s Worth Without the Wait!

Time for an oil change? When it comes to quality service at reasonable prices, Great Canadian Oil Change on Vancouver Island has you covered.

With our convenient drive-thru facility, we can have you in and out in as little as 10 minutes!

Looking for fast and affordable oil changes on Vancouver Island? No one does it better than Great Canadian Oil Change.

How Much Does a Great Canadian Oil Change Cost?

  • $64.99 plus tax for most vehicles that require up to 5 litres of oil and call for a standard oil filter
  • All oil changes come with a FREE 21-point inspection
  • Check out our coupon page for even more savings!

Why Choose Us?

  • No Appointment Needed
  • Open 7 Days A Week
  • Drive-Thru Facility
  • Multi-Point Service Inspection
  • 100% New Car Warranty Approved
  • Complimentary Coffee, Bottled Water, and Newspaper

What Our Oil Changes Deliver

Superior lubrication

Our high-quality oil will not only deliver better viscosity but also provide higher overall performance. If you want enhanced lubrication for your vehicle, our warranty-approved products can’t be beat.

Cleaner engine

Dirt, debris, and grime can compromise your vehicle’s performance. Getting oil changes repels sludgy deposits better, keeping your engine clean and running smoothly.

Longer lasting engine

You spent a lot on your vehicle. So, it makes perfect sense to want to keep your ride in prime condition for as long as you can. Our oil change service provides better protection, leading to an extended lifespan. If you want to keep your car on the road longer, drop by Great Canadian Oil Change on Vancouver Island.

Better Gas Mileage

Regular oil changes at Great Canadian Oil Change can go a long way in boosting gas mileage. Dirty oil can cause your engine to work harder, resulting in greater fuel consumption. Fresh oil, on the other hand, allows your vehicle to use fuel more efficiently, which can add up to some big savings at the gas pump.

At Great Canadian Oil Change on Vancouver Island, we have the experience, know-how, and quality products at great oil change prices to make sure your engine is running at peak performance.

For a fast, affordable, and quality oil change on Vancouver Island, bring your vehicle into Great Canadian Oil Change today!

Our Oil Change Locations

Langford: Langford Parkway Victoria, BC V9B 2P3

Duncan: 2752 Beverly Street Duncan, BC V9L 6Y9

Victoria: 2353 Douglas Street Victoria BC V8T 4L6

Millstream: 705 Treanor Ave Victoria BC V9B 3R3

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How much does an oil change cost

Oil changes can cost anywhere from just over $50 up to $100 or more.

The cost of oil changes will vary between different locations based on local staff costs, what the rent or the lease for the property may be, how expensive it is to get supplies, and can  even affected greatly by things like local property tax rates.

However, the biggest difference in oil change costs is based on the choice of regular versus synthetic oil. Regular oil is just refined crude oil, and it has been with us for decades keeping cars running smoothly. It is also the least expensive, and may be perfect if you are on a budget or are not concerned about car longevity or performance.

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